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Sunday, October 10, 2010

task given for 6 hours per week-fellowship rules

last week i remembered the task given to prepare the slide presentation. i kind of like a teach assist to my co-sv, dr aldrin..its finish till u drop dear..4-5 books compilation in 1 presentation..summarized all of it..i kinda proud of it took 3 full days to complete the presentation..dr aldrin actually will teach his student based on my slide presentation..n i start to dream..sooner, all the teaching stuff will be hands-on to my student..n i can focusing on research works only..explore the findings..-the cave, the river, hiking, camping..n return to the base to write papers on plants .. luvly~

but---emm--ohh..that is long way to go..n i just remembered i also hve a task from en azam, my landscape dept..he also ask me to do the book is tough..n i hate it..really!!book translation from bm to bi its oke (not ezy when the grammatical errors appears), but bi to bm its tough..i tried chapter 1 (the task given in feb 2010..n now still in chapter 1..thats 7 months!!i m dead..seriously..when i can hve a serious moment with that book..Anatomy of park by albert j rutledge


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