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Monday, October 11, 2010

car accident

i just got back from helpng hirda to collect the data on wind velocity at cooling tower near chancellor building, usm. btw, thats not the point here..

i just got an car accident on my way to the sooo mad n my hand shaken..clearly im the victim..grateful its only scratch in front..but it is a new persona just got 1st car accident..i ask her number, ic and name just in case..who knows..her car is ford pbv 4224..huh, im so mad rite now!!



  1. kti..awat byk dgr accident nih huhu smlm dh accident trgempar kat simpang 4 tuh huuh keta ang oke ka? teruk ka??

  2. musim kot..huhu..aku oke ja..keta je la kena tahan kat wokshop sehari..sob sob