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Monday, October 11, 2010

emergency ward

well, its pretty late 4 blogging..but got story hre..

i just got back from GH, of my frend's frend suddenly told that he hurts badly on his belly part.."mcam ada batu dlm hempedu..bole rasa smpai kulit luar"..we went 2 emergency ward...we hve been thre like 3 hours (hadi, wani n me)..i just saw many interesting part since i was in emergency ward..mat2 motor half blood on his shirt..steady lak 2..dlm tgh ushar2..mak guard came 2 me n ask me 2 leave..cehh..baru nk amik feel grey's anatomy..seriously, its fun bcoz u gain somthing honey..(i dont do smile in the emergency ward..dont take it in the wrong way..hehee)...ohh, n my frend end up with....he refuse to overnite further-check up....n he endure suffering from the pain rather than take the medicine..the reason is..if he take the pill that Dr gave, the side effect of the pill actually will reduce the quantity of  his cool is he supposed to know by just looking at the notes..huh, he is pharmacist!!

my visualization when entering the emergency ward b4 mak guard ask me to leave.("_")

house- he is charismatic (*^^*) drooling



  1. hahaha kalo dr house ader kt hospital tue...bukan mak guard yg halau dr house hehehe =P

  2. I like Dinar.and its revaluation of currency.

  3. hahaa..klu dr house ada..belum apa2 lagi, kakt dah peluk btoii ni..haha