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Sunday, October 10, 2010

free n ezy

heh, its tough to get blog update i heard..n its true..sob sob sob..

its pretty tough working on research stuff lately..kind of fed up sometime..the equipment broke..hve 2 buy the new 1..not 1 but 2..since i hve 2 site of coz..thank god, i dont hve to spend my research grant to buy a new 1..just hve to pay the rent n their services to get the data on my desk..seems ezy but the strategy (or "methodology"-like 2 use that i try to plan somthing mystery on it) must b smooth enuf.

ohh, n recently, i just present my research proposal to 1 of the seminar conducted by the school of hbp (my school) on 29th sept..the feedback ..hehee as i 1 ask except the panel..hahaa..its complicated..but im sure, its worth it..i really like to share it here but, its confidential..(well, i m also afraid if some1 do the plagiarism on me..^^) my supervisor said, its nice to get people know what im doing..but wait until my 1st paper publish!!

daa..speak of the going to attend "open apartment" at my sv's this evening. all the postgrad student under him n her wife will go, n of coz a one day gathering discuss on the research..geezz must b so many topic 2 talk about..hemm, he ask me to design his balcony..haha, but im just consulting him with non-sense idea about his landscape balcony..bambusa sp. n the carpet bout it later..c ya!!


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