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Monday, October 11, 2010


2day updates..b4 sleep at nite, i usually will manage things-to-do 4 2morrow kick will organize my days..

pick up books copy at redhouse, pass the work done to my co-sv, books drop at library, ask endnote x3 software at lib, watering my baby plants at tekun, take the log book from kak normah, usains register statistic workshop-attention to en khairul, meet kak rina in office-dealing with claim n lastly buy lunch.. n its fun when u look at the end of the much work n strength u give on means, ur life r not sucks when u know wat u already did..ohh n at 330pm 2day, gotta help hirda to collect the data somewhere at kanita building i guess..well, i can learn something 2day (^^*)

i just register statistic workshop using my money grant..its rm500 for 4days..really need this workshop to help the data analysis done..kind of blur everytime dealing with the data numbr..b4 this, i was took the statstic class for social sciences on 2-3 oct..its pretty mess up since dr nordin taught on questionnaire part..its diffrent with mine experimen study..sob sob..thats why, im taking again statistic class under dr zainuddin at usains, usm.
so its 18-19 oct for experimental data analysis and 27-28 oct for multivariate data must b exhausted n gotta be prepared..