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Monday, May 23, 2011

7 continent

i am a researcher..

well, i gonna use this as a platform to explore the world. there is 7 continent. i already explore the europe n asia continent ^^.. next wud be africa, australia, north america, south america and lastly antarctica..  i think antarctica continent  for holiday only wud be my last destination where people can grow old ..aku akn terus membaca n menulis..slalunya klu pompuan tua akan ada kucing jd peneman kan, so kat sini i pilih penguin la buat peneman i dikala tua...pingu!! hikss...oke2, niat kena perbetul oke, biar bg murni the name of Allah, will spread the knowledge all over the the thoughts wud b extremely fun!!

herm, mekah kat benua mana ha??mboii diaa, xpkiaq haji nihh ..out of topic jap..hehee..rilek2..mekah merupakan pusat bumi..posisi ketujuh benua terhadap mekah dan jarak masing2 adalah sama..terjadinya topografi dan alam semulajadi adalah bertitik pusatkan disebabkan tawaf beb.. so of coz la aku akan mengerjakan haji dulu insyaAllah..tu kan pembekal tenaga aku utk meneruskan pengajian ilmu-Nya.. tp...i nk pi ngan my future hubby..boleh kann ^^

(satu kajian dlm Majalah al-Arabiyyah, edisi 237, Agustus 1978)

aku kan interested ngan green energy building kan..ttba teringt ssuatu..putaran berlawanan arah jam akan menghasilkan, aku rasa boleh buat research la benda alah ni..building bole menghasilkn energy sendiri dan ia berkaitan ngan putaran atau gerakan lawan arah jam..mungkinkah???

Selain itu ada gak hadis yang ckp Masjidil Haram di Makkah, tempat Ka‘bah berada itu ada di tengah-tengah tujuh lapisan langit dan tujuh bumi (maksudnya tujuh lapisan pembentuk bumi)

Nabi bersabda, ‘Wahai orang-orang Makkah, wahai orang-orang Quraisy, sesungguhnya kalian berada di bawah pertengahan langit.’

oke sstgah dr hasil pembacaan aku dr link ni.. ..hve fun reading oke!

hmm ttba rasa mcm berjela plak xplaination aku..oke2, kan idea development..from nothing to hadis quote..smbil2 tu mari kita sama2 memperingati..aku tgh dgar lagu maher zain-awaken

we made show we were seen in the most exlusive shops
yes we felt so very satisfied
but what do u have in return to Allah
is He satisfied?

p/s: -niat seharusnya suci, kerana ilmu Allah, baru tujuan dipermudahkan..insyaAllah

-mekah adalah pusat bumi, bukannya greenwich sepertimana yg kita blajar dulu dlm subjek maths masa tingkatan 4-5..haih!..GMT ditetapkan pada dunia masa majoriti negeri di dunia berada di bawah jajahan Inggeris. klu la waktu Makkah yang ditetapkan, maka senang la kita nk tau wak2 solat x gitu??


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

tik tok the time is ticking..

its raining..and i bought pisang goreng as my lunch 2day..i just came frm hbp office to c en kaha, but it was too late as he goes out when i came in.."so, mayb after lunch hour it wud b great", en zamri said as he continues fb-ing in hbp office. herm, i didnt claim anything yet from my grant since my last conference meeting at venice, italy..i hve to do anything regarding claim 14 days as permission letter said.. a little bit tired n bz nowadys but it doesnt mean i ignore my blog ^^..oke admit it, a little bit late to post things hapen in my life..hahaa~

the claim
i collected all receipt for claim purpose. they requested original and i hve them all..i calculated everything during my travel include accomodation, transportation, subsisten and tuition fees. unfortunately, when i received my latest statement of the extension of grant for 2nd time, it just list down for only rm2k..  i guess it right..they cut my budget..i received sms in italy, frm my supervisor stated that more than 70% of ur budget has been, my expenses was over i im gonna pay debts (luckily to my dad..haha), i already told my dad about consequences after this trip..and he said..its oke, u can pay when u r stable..if u dont want to pay, i am also oke with that..huhu..thx a lot babuji~but of coz i'll pay him no matter what..just a little bit late..haha~

had a vacation in paris after venice conference proceeding

part-time job
i relieved, after my conference trip i 've been asked to help one of my friend, iranian student which we r under the same actually.she asked me to help her collect the data at bayan baru residential area. i accept the offer with a huge relief. she paid me rm10 per questionnaire including the fuel. the duration of collecting the data is about 2 months i guess. her respondent is about 250 so its gonna be hard for me to settle down writing my thesis during this time..normally, she will ask me to help her in the afternoon until maghrib period and weekend. but its all depends on our availability..its fun actually..talking to the people and understand rejectness..haha..its typical oke when people dont want to answer or being interviewed..sometimes, they use dogs to expel us..i didnt blame on them..because they hve been victimized from burglary so many times..level of trust is low and they r unsecured with outsider.. ohh, my friend's thesis research is crime prevention towards environmental design in residential we go from one house to another for interview purpose..

experiment leaf area 
while i was on vacation in paris, i got mail from my co-supervisor asking me to write a paper on her thinking of the data..there is another last experiment actually..leaf area measurement..this is to calculate the carbon stored inside the leaves. so, i got the idea..and write her a paper once i arrive m'sia..i directly call kumar, a science officer of cemacs, to arrange the experiment and luckily everything gone well..i got the data and mail my co-supervisor..but till now, she is so bz to update our, i wait eagerly want to know the result of analyses..

 during my experiment for leaf area measurement

sequence of conference proceedings
lot things happen since i went for conference proceeding..i remembered while i had a peaceful breakfst in paris hotel with snow accompany me, the news outbreak commotion bout osama bin laden was died..i think in pakistan..lots of review, comment and picture i couldnt understand much as they speak france..i checked the newspaper and website to confirm the news..well, the conclusion , i dont know whether it was correct or not as it has many fact that can arguable..heh~

i got mail from Lambert Academic Publishing from german. they r interested on publishing my thesis into books. alhmdulillah..they r interested on my studies when i was presenting in venice, italy. u hve to figure out about the editor..i know this is not for free..but i can try..who knows i got royalties aftr publishing books..hahaa..
during presentation at WASET, venice, italy

dr malek writing books
as i was xcited about publising books in LAP in german, dr malek also offered me to write a book with him including kak asmat..i m so xcited as my research works finally can b distribute. so im gonna strive harder..

pelajr cemerlang mara
well i am with abangchik gossiping about dato fauziah at wisma perskutuan penang. he kicked my leg as i ignore him gossiping..cess...i ignore him coz i got a phone call  from unit peperiksaan USM..  a little bit weird conversation we had but ended with my hepy face....he said that i was nominated as pelajar cemerlang MARA 2009/2010 for master level. he also asking me to gve mail address for easier conversation with MARA side..


Monday, May 9, 2011

isu sensitif tau tak

aku xkesah klu makcik pakcik tnya aku bila aku nk kawen..basically org yg lgi tua dr aku..pd aku depa care pasal aku..and i m appreciate aku ckup tensen bila umur2 baya aku tnya bila aku nk kawen..wat the........aishh..tmbah2 korang pun xkawen lagi..lagi mau bising kat aku..aku takek tengkok buat sup bru tau..hehee..ttba aku terasa nk layan lagu la camisa negra, song by juanes..jom joget..lallaa~


Friday, May 6, 2011

26 april 2011-roma

Day 3, 26 april 2011

Sesampainya di rome..kami trus amek taxi ke Vatican city…dlm taxi smbang2, naseb baek diorang ramah.. €14 per person..smpai ja kat situ, syok mmg xhengat..Hoho..Kata org, kat rome bole jln dr 1 tmpat ke 1 kami pun plan la jln..sbb nk save punya pasai..ttba abah kata dia sakit kaki..herm, so aku bhagi tugas trus..masyi handle tour di rome, aku di venice dan kinah di paris..masyi pick bus per day tour..harga dia €4 per person..kat rome, kami hnya transit 8 jam n we r able 2 moving around Colosseum, museo nazionale di castel sant'angelo and St. Peter's Square, the basilica and obelisk, from Piazza Pio XII..oke la kann..hehe~

atas flight alitalia ..i prebook muslim meal n got salmon set, bread byk, heavy meal nii..suma raw food, unfortunately abah xminat mkan2 mcmni, so masyi yg perabes..layann~

puas nek alitalia..kejap2 early depart, lepas tu delay, refuel minyak kat papahal, kami slamat smpai kat rome..takut stranded kat iran or turki ja..huhu 

kami dah double check-in our pick up luggage kat venice ja nant..fuhh, xpayah la dok merembiang byk beg dah kann..ngee~

otw to roma

along the street ..byk miniature..snow white n 7 dwarfes pun ada..^^

our 1st destination was st peter's basilica..quite amazing here..soblom ni tgok architecture building from book ja kan..hoho~

mula2 xberani minum sbb ingkan holy-water..mna drinking fountaain ja laa..hehee~

crowded..kat cn anjing xtakut pun sbb suma anjing comey okke!!

sculpture is everywhre along the street

antra gerai kami xbeli punn..bwak bekal dlm beg ^^

we went museo nazionale angelo..n hang around smbil bergmbar kat tepi castle nii..

bwah tu ada canal besarr..cantekk!! 

mcm kat korea lak..dlm lotte world theme park

lenguh tau bergerak pelan2 mcm dia..bila org letak coin dlm tin, baru dia buat eksyen..hoho

castle yg dah jd museum

sculture along the street..ada yg bogel trus smpai tersentap kami suma..haddoi!

heading to colloseom 

disebabkan abah penat utk we pick up metrebus..nk nek train pun laku gak guna tick ni..per day pass €4..worth it..seb bek xamek hop on/off bus...klu x kena byar dlm 250 usd jgak laa

bas byk..kami xtunggu lama..cuma xtau nk beli tiket kat mna..rupa2nya kat kedai buku blakang kami r we suppose to know..

atas bas

snap2 atas bas..

snap2 atas bas~

n we arrive Colosseum savely less than 10 mint by bus ^^..trafic byk skit kat cn.. 

org yg suka pkai costume..mcm2 pe'ell

from collosseo to termini station by train..use same tick~

 tanya2 pakgad..masyi handle tour in roma..gud job masyi~

xjadi nek hop on/off bus 

 drinking fountain

 akupun xtau apsal aku pkai kasut heel..pembuktian apakahh??hehee

typical building rond the corner 

 asking question is our midle, pjg bebenor nama kami..huhu

budget traveler 

 herm, xtau ar nk kata paa..

thx mak abah~


kami dah berpijak di bumi roma!!

sakit kaki..huhu..

14€...mahal padahal dekat ja 30 minit jaa..huhu

by train from termini to the we r heading to venice 

So kita smbung trip to venice lak okeh.. hepy viewing~


Monday, May 2, 2011

Tehran, day 1, 24 april 2011

Dlm flight, bosan yg amat..amek msa dlm 8 jam..sama ngan pi Jeddah..beza waktu kat sini 3 jam setgah ja..nasib baik aku dah charge bateri laptop awal2..atas flight jgak aku analisisdata research..bole la tahan 3 jam aku wat 1st time aku nek airbus airasia..rupanya klu nek airbus, diorang mmg sediakn complimentary snacks..air diorang xcharge pun..overall oke jgak la..kami prasan suma yg layan kami dlm flight adalah lelaki..heran??xda stewardess ke?suma steward ja kan..rupa2nya, made sense la jgak sbb stewardess kan xtutup aurat..kat iran, suma compulsory berpkaian litup..even u r non-muslim.. baju pun kena pkai mlepasi bontot..bgus btul..dlm flight kami smbang ngan pramugara ni..lupa lak nk tnya nama..sbb bosan, kami chating smpai ssh org nk lalu lalang area situ..haha..dia byk bg penerangan utk ke paris nanti..tqvm.. siap bg peta lagi ajar cara save duit kat france..huhu

Smpai ja kat Tehran, kami tido jap kat airport..smpai dlm pkul 10pm local time..kami round2 airport cari alitalia utk double check-in spy xrush sgt esok..solat subuh ada benda pelik aku tgok..depa semayang atas batu ..nama dia batu karbala..bru aku teringt depa ni pegangan syiah..kita ni, mmg la lain skit..lgi satu depa ni baca doa qunut soblom rukuk..herm??oke la, lpas smyang subuh trus bertolak ke mount tochal..harga 45 ribu toman satu mini-taxi one-way..sshnya nk berkomunikasi kat cn..lelah!!serupa itik ngan ayam berckp..masa ni la teringt kata2 usop wilchar..inilah pentingnya English education..haddoi!!
Smpai ja kat sana, msing2 xsabar..pakai baju tebal bagai..nk main snow la katakannn..pi la ke ski places..nk nek telecabin (cable-car)..nasib kami xbaik..tutup la plak kann..ahad ngan isnin tutup..hampeh, aku dok google soblom ni kat open everyday..mmg web iran ni chabuk xupdate rupanya..huhu..kami nek la bas seround kat atas mount tochal n hve a sight-seing from below..tgok hati dok derap ja kan dr bwah tgok salji..ngeng!!

Lpas tu kami trus check-in hotel hafidz…penatt..dok round area bazaar skali..tukar2 bus and taxi..adventure btul ngan ssh nya nk berkomunikasi..lewat ptg tu lpas rehat kejap, kami dinner..kebab!! ori marii~ hoho..besarnya kebab diorang..kami beli 3 ketul kebab bole makan smpai 5 org..tu pun xabes!!tapau....lpas tu kami smbung jln2 ke bazaar n city-centre..sini ttup awal..seawal 830 mmg byk kedai da ttp..blik n trus tido..

Tepat kul 1230am, kami trus bertolak ke airport imam khomaini nek taxi..45 ribu toman jgak..sini yg peristiwa klimaks..aku tensen..tgh2 beratur msa nk chack-in, ttba diorang buat kalut..ckp dlm bahasa Persian..aku yg terpinga2..wat happen??mmandangkn aku sorang ja kat kaunter yg org luar..aku trus ketuk mmeja n request English pls..dlm broken English..aku bole paham..mengatakn flight alitalia yg kami bakal naiki overweight n minyak xckup..kambing btull..smpai ja turn aku, diorang buat camni plak kan..huu..aku cam nk nangis bila dia kata mungkin kena tkar flight Qatar airlines and flight delay..papahal kena tunggu captain dtg kaunter jap..aku sabar..aku tunggu..

Skali captain dtg kaunter..slpas buat perkiraan..dia bg pelepassan tp dgn syarat kena trunk at turki utk isi minyak soblom ke ni mmg peristiwa paling rush la dlm hidup aku..we r the last grup yg nek flight..gila suma imigresen punya pasai..aku dok geram..klu pi kat negara2 yg mcm ni (iran, Nepal,indo, etc..) yg pedalaman2 skit suka dok buat high security check)..lembab!!papahal..kami selamat smpai naik alitalia ke rome..sesampainya di rome kami mmg xsabar...oke, smbung ke next upload :))

syiah solat n sujud di atas batu karbala ..belajar cara syiah di iran..ermm, they r not friendly to the tourist..

had a long walk to mount trun nek bas sbb dah xlarat..haahaa..sejukk

mount tochal..telecabin ttp da ari ahad n isnin..haiyaa..xda rezki 

kebab otak ..ada berani ka???

 we had 1 chicken kebab n 2 beef kebab..mkan ngan roti ala2 france..erkk, bole laa..kenyangnyaaa...pjg tuh kebab dia..bole mkan smpai 5 org kot..mkan kat restoran tu omputih abes..berdiri!!