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Sunday, October 10, 2010


i rough check on my desk..wat else i want 2 tell u guys for marathon-blog-update..hehehe

so i found these copy of invoice for conference payment in s'pore..its 31oct-3nov 2010..but...ill not presenting..hahaa..coz the conference is for invited speakers only..

i tried to use my research grant..n sadly, it was rejected by dean coz im not mad..thats my money, at least, give me a chance buddy..i only used it rm500 so far.. claiming on the mixsoil n services of researches..there r rm15K more in my account..plis dont b stingy..geesh!! btw, its S$375 payment @ rm890+- (include tax) worries..i'll find ways to claim it getting clever on money matter nowadays..hahaa

i madly want to go to this is so beneficial for me to update my research knowledge..(suddenly im so passion when it goes overseas thing...heheee) so i asked my parents to accompany me..gladly, they agreed!!

as far as i know, abanglong n masyi will join the trip its 5 of us will go to s' seems family vacation right know..hemmm..will upload the pic soon..c ya!!


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