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Monday, April 11, 2011

itinerary iran, italy, france 24 april-3 may 2011

as i mention before, i gonna present my research progress in venice, italy..dreams come true =). as usual, i planned trip as i dont go for package tour. i got 4 members to accompany me, abah, masyi, kinah and bglong..kak asmat also gonna present same day with me and he ask her hubby 2 join her..but they go north to frankfurt n switzerland 1st..the only our meeting point is venice, our conference venue. so, below is my homework regardng this new confrence trip~ 

24 april (m'sia)
things to check (fud + skybus + flight voucher)..semuanya kena print out and present while boarding..klu xda voucher ni, kiranya hampa suma kena tmbah duit sendr la..benda ni kakt dah booking. kita akan depart jam 4:40pm. so b thre 2 hours earlier.kakt dr penang trus k airport..same goes to abah from kedah trus k airport..kinah, masyi n bglong nk bertolak k airport asing2 pun xpa, janji ada voucher skybus..print out tau 

24 april (tehran) 
temp: 9-21 deg
arrive at 9:40pm local time. cari teksi (30-45 mint) ke tehran dgn harga IR 300K.prefer samand car type bcoz it is more cheaper. we may check-in Ferdowsi Grand Hotel bcoz it is near to train station.much easier to moving around.

25 april (tehran)
going to tehran bazaar naik metro train. train start at 530am-11pm. must try kebab traditional famous food at darband. history place, shoppng spree, etc all near to the train station. tehran metro train charges IR1200 for each journey regardless of distance (every 10 mint). checkout hotel at 2am. approximately an hour from tehran city to imam khomeini airport. flight depart at 5:25am to rome. make sure u have ur flight voucher with u. 

26 april (rome)
temp: 8-18 deg
arrive at fumicino airport, rome at 8:10am. take a train (leonardo express train) every half hour in each direction, to termini station. it takes 31 mint journey and cost 14-15 euro. present ur hop on/off ticket at bus driver (havent purchase yet-depends on community to decide). the price ticket is 28.18 usd. it is better to booking earlier to secure the trip. the earliest trip atart at 9am. have a sight-seing from villa peretti, piaza venezia, colosseum, circo massimo, isola tiberina, san pietro, augusto imperatore and tritone .it is 2 hours duration, if u stay on bus for the entire loop. we have to return to termini station by 1:30pm. 31 mint to airport by train. depart to venice at 4pm.

26 april (venice)
temp:10-17 deg
arrive venice, marco polo airport at 5pm. purchase a ticket to mestre €3. the jpurney will take 17 mint. take a bus no.15 to mestre station. bus name is ATVO bus.  we may take a ride at 5:21pm, 5:59pm, 6:21pm or last 6:50pm. it will be easier if we take the earlier ride since we havent check-in yet. im just afraid that we may lost the accomodation of the day. check-in ambasciatori hotel. take a rest.

27-28 april (venice) 
i will hve a conference at nh laguna hotel, 10 mint walking distance from hotel ambasciatori. for those who wants to enjoy venice can take a bus at mestre station (to venezia piazzale roma station). it is only 1 km from hotel to mestre station, approximately 10 mint walking distance.  buy a ticket from vending machine rather than counter bcoz it is more cheaper. it can cost u €1.20. last bus is no. 5 at 1145pm. no rush, coz we have 3 days leisure time. u also can have a gondola or vaporetti ride (water taxi) but i cant remember the price. other than that, a must visit place is grand canal, companile di san marco, st. mark's square, saint mark's basilica, doge's place, clock tower and san giorgio maggiore. venice is an island where u dont need a transportation to get from point to point. u dont ever realize u have walk long enough to the end of island. but remember, u may get lost, so pay attention to the signboard.

29 april (venice)
i still have a conference till today. but we hve to check-out at 12 noon (mayb we hve to keep our bag in this hotel for a moment). hang around in mestre town till 7pm. then, make sure we r in mestre station by 7:30pm. take a train to paris bercy. the train will depart by 7:55pm. check ur passport and train ticket. this is a night train (Artesia Night/ Rialto). we spend a night in a cabin of 6 bed. so, a stranger will accompany us. 

30 april (paris)
temp: 6-14 deg
arrive at paris bercy train station at 9:30pm. we may purchase hop on/off bus cost 40.87 usd -1 day pass (booking is better-depend on community decision). have a ride and sight-seing before hotel check-in. the bus pass/cross the hotel chabrol opera since it is mainroad of paris. it is at no. 53 stop at gare du nord station. check-in hotel at 12 noon. and we may continue the journey to hip hop around the paris. it is up to 79 stop place to visit including eiffel tower, notre dame, opera, musee du louvre, etc.. we may have to purchase a ticket to enter each place. pass is available for online booking.  

1 may (paris)
since we overspend the money (i think), we may have a walk in between the building of paris..haha..however, we may try n error the hop on/off bus (mcm s'pore dlu) . maybe our pass is still can b use twice. 

2 may (paris)
check out at 1130am. take a train (just cross the road) at gare du nord station to antony station (RER B direction). it costly around € 9. from antony station, take a ORLYVAL shuttle to Orly airport (i cant remember how much the fare). flight depart at 6:10pm. make sure u have a food + skybus + flight voucher with u 

3 may (kl)
we may arrive safely at 12:50pm. as for me and abah, we have to stay at lcct to alor setar. flight depart at 830pm and arrive at 9:25pm.  

train night artesia venice mestre-paris bercy

paris gare du nord station to antony to orly airport
metro station at tehran city

hop on/off route at paris

rome hop on/off route


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