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Saturday, April 16, 2011

crime scene

i woke up drastically today as i heard sumone calling my neighbor droopingly. my roommate either heard uncertain chitchat from my neighbor telling bout her lost of laptop, pendrive n money. around 8am, the crime scene is getting crowded with man including pakgad. 2 window from nako type had been crushd including the nako living lower room, n the crime scene is actually just at my upper room.. so scary..i just dont understand how it happened but im grateful i m not the one who is appointed to..nauzubillah..n for my upper neighbor, im so sorry for ur lost =(

p/s: for precaution, keep ur valuable things in the drawer, always lock the door even if u r out to the toilet, lock all the window at night and while u r out..damn, i still nervous while blogging..


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