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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

logic thinking

the above conversation r truly reflected me fact, it applies throughout the world if the person is in postgrad school..think bout it..we dnt actually work like others..i always got questioned frm neighbor n is some clue how i 'enjoy working' throughout my research year ..

i always use my studnt card 4 the sake of promotion..byk woo less..muve, eatery, books, hairdo, shopping without obstacle, pick up on fine dress for less, easy parking (its weekdays), dont struggle on traffic jam, bla bla bla..heh..

i dnt have class to attend and dnt have class to teach/tutor..well, i just work on seminars, symposium, proceeding, conference or wateva u can understand..its a meeting..meeting n people might ask u, what the hell r doing now..i once answerd, i also dnt know what am i doing..does people or institution do really care what am i doing? i got my what? i mean, who r really care bout it? u solve the problems or equations with high confidence but is it really really matter? ironically, i got paid for it..

as my sv said, "the beauty of being an academia is u got paid 4 what u r thinking"

p/s: it doesnt matter if u fail or success solving the question..failure also can be seen as the result XD~


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