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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

you again!! its girl-friend matters..

y-oh-y on earth she did it again!! cruel..i dnt even ask her, y she still bothering me with something that i didnt want 2 hear..nuisance!!

aku dah mcm suka gila skang, ttba pekkk..aku dah jd low balik..waddahel

*sometimes she is helping n sometimes she is not..its 1:9 ratio..sigh..i didnt trust her now..wait, i nver trust her indeed!

one more thing, my other girl-friend did ask me to help her collect more data coz of her low response rate..40 samples half-hearted..but i just got 2 help her responsible ..i agreed with her at the very 1st time..think postve ja laaaa..dpt duit maaa

*u cant buy things with money..arghhhh..she got me


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