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Friday, June 10, 2011

so-called a day off~

i just had a lil spare time n decided watching a movie n do some early 11am i went out heading 2 queensbay..saw car wash  signbod..teringt keta dah lama xbasuh, so dgn pantas aku belok kanan msuk car wash.. smpai ja gsc, aku booked X-Men 1st is so long time i didnt update with the movies..thought of having a marathon movies but i quickly reminded myself that i got my part-time job at 4pm..  ..

James McAvoy..he is so dashing up thre..i just dnt hve any idea that prof charles xavier is so handsome when he is  young..LOL..padahal sami ja kan dlm komik..bak kata kwan aku laa..aku mna la tau..dnt know how the comic books of marvel is going on..overall rating..xmen sgt la best..xrugi msuk panggung katakan..rating 5 over 5..yey!! tmbahan aku mmg la minat mamat ni sbb dia penah belakon dlm Penelope..aku sgt fall-in-luf story 2~

aku smbung jln k giordano coz my sis ask me 2 buy shirt 4 her..hehe, claim..oke checked! lepas tu aku perasan yg aku ada redemption free coupon Starbucks coffee..nak bg match aku beli  subway sandwich..roasted chicken..pehh..syoknya a day off just leisuring camni..

black coupon..well, wat do u expect?hahaa

sedap kan??ya i know..honey oat bread with roasted chicken.. well this is totally not my pict as i cudnt remmber whre the hell i put my cam..starving..grrrr~


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