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Friday, June 10, 2011


i went 2 queensbay again 2day..yeah i know..same story like im still not satisfied, thats all..hehe..i watched Pirates of Carribean: fountain of youth..guess wat, i accidently entered the wrong hall..ttba keluar crita tajuk toyol??cehh, trus aku check balik tiket..n so i late 4 the pirate's mukadimah .. a lil bit since jusco is having a promotion..i got a pair of Bonia shoe 2 my abah as a gift 4 father's day this coming 18th june.. he a lil jealous last time when we (me n my twin) bought so many things to our mak (mostly perfume n cosmetics :)) in her birthday n mother's day last May..oke abah..its not like we dnt want 2 buy u things..but he is a lil choosy n we hardly 2 know what he really want i asked this time n its a shoe :)

then, i dnt hve time as i rushed to the last questionaire part time job..i grab a set of McD 4 lunch n continue on the data collection ..

now, im counting my allowance..haa, so relief..ive been admire it so long time..guess wat..its galaxy tab!! i called my bgchik n he agreed 2 accompany me..lalalaaa~


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