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Thursday, June 9, 2011

part time cpted

well, its very long time i didnt update my blog..sory guys..kinda bz lately.. helping my frend, massomeh, conducting a survey on her so glad 2morow is our last day ..insyaAllah..its about a month of survey..n im quite impressve of myself that i can gain about rm3k in a month 4 a part time job..

well, im involving with the current issue i guess..its a crime prevention through environmental is more or less not adapted fully in m'sia yet..however, i saw in the newspaper The Star 2day that housing n development department has considering this issues seriously..great 4 u massomeh..

oh, another thing..i've completed my roughly result for my thesis it amazing??now i enjoy writing my thesis everyday..hehee, work progress and attitude usually is affected by my roomate, nur shakila..seriously..i got my inner strength if i see my surrounding r full with diligently grateful she is my roomate!! :)..did i said b4 she is kind and religious?? well,  u cudnt agree more if u had a chance talking with her..

my life is blessng with so many great friend.. im just thinking ..did i do the same thing to them..i hope so..hurm??


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