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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Malay attitude

Ive been asked to handle a class of buildng construction,1st yer..i meet up with the coordinator n did some discussion on class planning for this sem..i only pointed out to assist her in week 12 till 15 only regarding technical drawing n workshop..fine with fact im more release n enjoy on the task given..but in the mean time, the coordinator asked me do some correction on the drawing in cad..i looked this task as an opportunity for me to learn how to b an educator..geezshh ckp mcm bgus..3days after meeting, my fren which is a foreigner approached me n ask herself to help me on the task given....


I asked y n after several discussion i figured out that she actually wants to learn new things in construction..wat a gud 1..i appreciated. The moral of the story:

This is only my 2sen views, malay normally is a lazy malay too..if i put myself in her position, i wud not dare n offer my help to others..guys, be rasional, u ask workload for tutoring students?who the hell luv to do extra work??..i hve thesis to focus on..n i know myself, i cant handle distraction..geeszhh, im lazy i know..thats y im so she weekly go to the class n im not (coz now is week 2)..gud luck to u..may u be bless with knowledge u desire..

I try to relate this with my surrounding..yes its true,malay is a lazy..for example, we will not participate on something..we shut our mouth until our power had taken..looking on the politics in malaysia..i got many frends who say they didnt care wat is happening to malaysia as long as It didt gve bad effect to them..funny eh..they say like they didnt care on their neighbour n frends who need it most..they only act if periuk nasi or their family kena kacau shj..sigh..that is the well known malay bad habit

Xbole jgak nk salahkn 100% to them..they didnt know wat is happening..coz again, we r so lazy for digging the information as long as kubu xkena kacau..yg lagi teruk, info ditutup or kena sekat? So undilahh for better future insyaAllah..

P/s:ubah malas kpd rajin!! klip undilah pun kena sekat?? nk buat baik pun kena mcm la kes kempen bersih aritu..donia2 xpaham aku


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