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Thursday, January 6, 2011


sometimes i got confused on where am it architecture or biologist..( & i actually registr my research in landscape architecture under landscape technology field) far as i am a researcher, ive think a lot on future, i would like to conduct a new perspective of 'biological architecture'..well, biological architecture is actually solving the problem of architecture using the biological principles..with the biological solving matters, i hope that architecture can be sustain and reduce the damage that people used to, my research anyway..hehee..i trying to solve the global warming effect through searching the best of plants that can absorb high capacity of carbon dioxide..anyhow, i planted it on the building wall to reduce the indoor temperature..and at the same time, plant that can produce fruit which can be the benefits of bottom billions!!..byk lagi konsep bio-archi yg kita bole adapt sebenarnya.. mana tau aku jadik apprentice of biological archi kat usm nant..hikss.. i am soo passionate rite now!! jatuh cinta truusss~

me handling licor machine price up to rm200k..huhu


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