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Sunday, May 30, 2010

waste time u dont have

out of the blue, i recall my past.."art and gallery store.attach with coffee shop"..i wish i can build one..this is my dream since 2006 when i read magazine to find new designs 4 one of my projects...mayb at the age of 30..sure i can ^^...just a little time flies quickly , and how people forgot so many things in their life..their intention, their stand..we r have lots of prob..people who hve family, people who hve soulmate, people who r study, people who r work like hell..we r facing the same prob..the diffrent is the way we face it...we once glance at other people and simply says they r so lucky to have this n that..but if we just realize, we r the we manage our life is the key of success..r u appreciate ur life or not..u know that life become so hard if u r not grateful for what u plis, have fun with ur life oke!

waste time u dont have >_<

..oke, now is the time, i continue my thesis writing..mumbling with blog will not get things done...haha~

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